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Tips For Planning Your Move To A Senior Living Community

Simplify The Moving Process.

If you’ve made the decision to move yourself or a loved one to a senior living community, it’s time to start the process of getting ready to move – but where do you begin?

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Make A Fresh Start With Less Stress.

We’ve put together some ideas that can help you prepare ahead of time and make for a smoother transition to your new home. Take these steps to get settled more quickly and start enjoying your exciting retirement lifestyle right away.

  1. Write out a plan and timeline.

It may be most helpful to start from your move-in date and work backwards creating a timeline for everything that needs to be done, allocating how much time you’ll need for each task on your list. You may find it helpful to use a binder to store all the important information for your move, including notes, to-do lists and deadlines. The binder can also hold all of your important papers, contact information and receipts so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of packing and moving.

  1. Figure out what’s going with you.

Of course, you’ll want to bring familiar, meaningful items – however, you’ll likely be downsizing to a smaller space. Many of your belongings will be unnecessary with all of the services and amenities provided at a maintenance-free community. Use the floor plan of your new apartment to think about how you can recreate what you love about your previous home while avoiding clutter at the same time.

  1. Think toward the future.

Having help as you move can make it easier to think more objectively as you organize your belongings. Try to keep your thoughts and conversations focused on the future rather than the past. By looking forward to the excitement of living in a new, comfortable space and incorporating your most treasured items, you can move through the strong emotions that often come with downsizing.

  1. Enjoy your fresh start.

Rather than worrying about emptying every box, prioritize getting involved in your new community. Take breaks to introduce yourself to your new neighbors, join a fitness class or take part in a community event. Even if you jump right in to everything The Crossings has to offer, you’ll still need time to adjust. Be prepared, stay positive and have patience – this approach will help ease the transition as you begin this exciting next phase of your life.