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Getting Involved At Your Loved One's Senior Living Community

Ways To Help Your Loved One Feel More Comfortable

When a loved one moves into a senior living community, you’ll naturally have some concerns about all the changes you’ll both be facing. It’s normal to feel anxious about whether they will enjoy living at their new community and wonder how quickly they adapt and feel comfortable. It’s also normal to question how you as a family member will fit into their new life and how you can all stay connected.


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Create Connections & A Community Of Support

We’re here to help alleviate your worries. At The Crossings at North River, family members of residents are an integral part of our welcoming community. Residents and staff alike at our community are always excited for the opportunity to get to know the families of other residents. Here are some ways to get involved:

  1. Get to know staff members and caregivers. Spending time with your loved one will be your main priority, but you can also help them learn about the new people around them. Learning staff members’ names and expressing a few words of appreciation are small gestures that can make a big difference in someone’s day.
  2. Assist staff members in getting acquainted with your loved one. Encourage your loved one to share about their background, family history, interests and preferences. The better caregivers know them, the more they understand their unique personality and needs.
  3. Become active at the community. Senior living communities are typically very welcoming of family involvement – The Crossings certainly loves it! By taking part in community events or volunteering, you’ll meet even more of your loved one’s neighbors and caregivers. Be sure to keep up with community communications so you can suggest specific opportunities for involvement to your loved one as well.
  4. Make a plan for special occasions. In addition to community-hosted events, you can also come up with your own ideas. You could bring in treats for their birthday or anniversary or reserve a private dining room or gathering space for a special meal or party.
  5. Prioritize regular visits and communication. Most importantly, staying in close contact with your loved one helps them feel more familiar and comfortable in their new senior living community. It can be helpful to schedule your visits during “free time” so they aren’t missing out on any special activities. We understand it can be difficult for long-distance family members to feel involved – but it is possible. At The Crossings, we’ll help facilitate the involvement of family members in any way we can.